My Winter Update

PHOTO BY: Doug Smith

Every year, the seasons fly by faster and faster. “They” say it’s a side effect of getting older; I think it’s because we are busy and forget to stop to enjoy the day. Either way this winter went by particularly faster and my bet was that I was that much busier. A lot happened this winter and I’m happy to report it was all good stuff.

My focus this winter was indoor track and this was my 3rd year fully committed to this experiment. “They” say, anything you do, you should commit to it for a minimum of 3 years to see the best results. So I did just that. To my happy surprise “they” are right! Not only did I significantly improve my track times on the indoor track, but I PB’d my outdoor times. Indoor tracks are 200m and therefore with more turns per lap you can lose up to 2 seconds or more versus your outdoor times. To PB my outdoor times on a indoor was better than I expected. The fact that I chose this year to have laser focus on two race events; the 800m and 1500m paid off in spades. Every race I ran, I broke my own Longboat club records and obviously PB’d. However, the PB is nice and it’s quantifiable evidence I’m getting stronger but it’s not the sole reason I opted for more focus.

PHOTO BY: Doug Smith

This new focus I experimented with this winter taught me a lot about pacing and pushing through my own mental and physical barriers. By being able to commit to one focus, my coach was able to alter my training and take me to places on the track I’ve never been. The workouts started to get harder, more intense and I could feel everything changing. Those workouts would only lead to injury last year, with my indoor track season being more about exploring, learning and playing. This year, these “new” workouts hurt like hell and made me doubt my ability to even do them. I did them though and every week I grew more confident in how much pain my body can tolerate. This is important information to know when racing an 800m and knowing the exact moment to push without hitting the wall.

PHOTO BY: Doug Smith

This week I completed my last indoor workout to prepare for my last indoor championships for 2017. I finished with a sense of relief and excitement happy to see another short season behind me. I’ve worked hard and have left a lot of myself on the indoor track this winter and after this last meet, I’m going to welcome a bit of play time. The thing that is going to get me across the finish line this coming weekend is knowing, this is the last race and then I  get to play. When I do my track repeats, it’s always that last one that hurts the most and you have to tell yourself, “this is it, give it all you can and it’s over, you can enjoy the rest of the day!” The same chatter will happen during my races this weekend. I just have to push one last time, as hard as I can and then I get to focus on the next FKT I’ll be doing with the Wild Bruce Chase team.

I have some big crazy goals for 2017, but I’m breaking my year into sections where I focus on one or two things at one time. I’m not letting myself get too far ahead and over think the future goals. Whether my goals are for fun or for performance, I want to give them both the commitment and focus they deserve.

With Spring just around the corner, my focus will shift to base building and training for the next event. Spring is a short season, but if you want to find me, you’ll have to go looking deep into the trails of Ontario.


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