Wear Test Wednesday: The Mizuno Wave Catalyst


Have you ever fell in love with a running shoe so much and knew it was going to be THE shoe for the rest of your life? Then the company of that shoe discontinues the model. I remember this day. I phoned up my Mizuno fairy right away and told her to send me all the Mizuno Wave Elixir’s she had in my size in stock, ASAP. Like a good Mizuno fairy, she sent me one extra pair, and a kind note saying “Michelle, you will have to get used to the new shoe sooner or later, hopefully sooner.” She was right, there was no point hoarding years worth of shoes, I needed to make my peace and move on.

Wave Catalyst

The Wave Sayonara 1 was going to replace both the Mizuno Precision and the Mizuno Wave Elxir and become one amazing hybrid shoe. Like all things Mizuno, the theory and engineering that goes into making a shoe never fails. It did take me a bit of time getting used to the new Wave Sayonara, lighter, faster, a much lower drop, and honestly, I started to really enjoy the Sayonara. It was a great speed shoe with the right amount of support and flexibility. Yet I still missed the Wave Elixir and when I saw other people wearing it, even two years later, I would feel a little sting of jealously. The Elixir was special, because it housed a very unique and versatile wave plate, a wave plate that no other shoe could compete with.


The announcement they were going to bring back a shoe that was going to be similar to the Elixir. I got my feet into the Mizuno Wave Catalyst and the first thought was “They nailed it.” The fit is perfect and it wraps around your foot like a slipper. If you ever ran in the Wave Elixir, you will immediately feel right at home with the Wave Catalyst, since it’s built on the Elixir wave plate. I’ve been testing it and it’s passing with flying colours. Speed work feel effortless, with a super slick heel to toe transition. The shoe is built on the Sayonara last, which gives it a really stable base for those runners who need just a little bit more stability in their shoe. The drop on the last Elixir that was in rotation was actually just over 12mm and although it was my go to race shoe, the new Wave Catalyst is only a 10mm drop. The Wave Catalyst weighs in at 9.4 oz (men’s size 9) and 8.0 oz (women’s size 7) but definitely on your foot feels much lighter.

Catalyst core four

The Mizuno Core Four

Mizuno now has a set core four shoes to address two important categories. The Stability side you have the Wave Inspire12 to do your long runs, easy runs and junk miles. The best combo is to pair it with the Wave Catalyst to get in your speed, tempo, hills and then take it to your race day. Over on the neutral side you have the Wave Rider19 again for long runs, easy runs and those days you want just a bit more cush. Combining the Wave Rider19 with the Sayonara3* is a perfect way to introduce a shoe built for speed, hills, tempos and will over perform on race day.


Mizuno has done a great job in constructing the perfect shoe for the runners who loved the Wave Elixir. Everyone who wore this shoe, knows how special the Wave Elixir was and I can tell you from my own wear test and the wear tests I’ve been doing at running clinics, it’s back and it’s better than ever. It’s called the Wave Catalyst.

Catalyst*ps if you were a runner who wore the Wave Precision, you will have the same experience in the new Wave Sayonara3. 


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