How to Tuesday: Inch Worm

Building on the plank and spider plank from the last two weeks, we can move into a very dynamic plank exercise; the inch worm. This is my favourite exercise becuase it can be done anywhere and engages the entire core muscle group. It can a bit of coordination to get it right, so go slowly and make each section of the exercise it’s own movement.

How to do an Inch Worm:

1. Start always in a good plank position. Make sure your hips aren’t too high or too low putting pressure on your low back. Your wrists are under your shoulders and your feet are hip or wider than hip width apart. This is the start position.

inch worm


2. Keeping your hands planted on the ground, you will walk your feet towards your hands until you are in a downward dog position. Do not force your hamstrings to stretch beyond their limit. Walk your feet to a point that is comfortable. The muscles you are using to move your legs are your abdominals, so make sure you are focusing on engaging this area.

3. Pause briefly in downward dog, stabilize your abdominals and keeping your feet planted, you will now walk your hands forward back to the start plank position. Make sure your wrists stay under your shoulders and you end up back in a proper plank position.

inch worm

4. Continue this forward moving inch worm exercise (plank to downward dog to plank), until failure. (failure means you are no longer able to keep your form). Do 2-3 sets to start and work up to 4 sets. A fun way to do this exercise is to pick a goal and decide you will inch worm to that point ahead of you.

5. BONUS: for those who are strong enough and want to add in a bit more challenge. Everytime you come to the plank position, include modified ab crunch brining opposite knee to opposite wrist on both sides, then continue to downward dog.

To see my video of how to do this click here

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